How to React After Tonsillectomy Which Caused by Tonsils Inflammation

Tonsillectomy is an operation where the tonsils are removed out. Tonsils are the small organs which are placed in throat. The main function of them is to collect microbes which enter to body with respiration. If the microbial density of tonsils is too high; they swell, redden and ache. This condition is called tonsils inflammation. When the disease recurs more than 7 times in a year; tonsillectomy is required. The operation procedure is same for children and adults. But the recovery time and stages differ due to the healing features of children and adults.


Children Recovery after Tonsillectomy

Children suffer from tonsils inflammation and tonsillectomy more than adults. If a child has these symptoms repeatedly: strep infections, sour throat, difficulty of swallowing and recurrent tonsillitis; the surgery is suggested. Regular antibiotic usage up to 2 years may prevent recurrence of the disease for children.


The operation is recommended if it is the only way to stop sudden repetitive recurs of tonsil inflammation. Children need 7-10 days to heal after the operation. In addition, it is claimed that late term bleedings after operations are less observed in children. Painkillers can be used with the control of physicians to prevent any aches such as throat and ear caused by the surgery. It is also suggested to consume cold beverage and soft foods especially ice cream while recovery.


Adult Recovery after Tonsillectomy

Generally, adults need two weeks for full time recovery. They can suffer from post-operative bleeding after the surgery for a couple of days or weeks. Besides, they are more likely to have pain, ache and dehydration than children. Thus, it is recommended to consume plenty of water daily. Usually, adults need to get back to their work and social life more quickly. As it is suggested to children, consumption of soft foods and cold beverage has an important role in recovery. To relief the post-operative aches, painkiller usage is recommended under doctor control.







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