How To Treat The Sore Throat Problem Which Increase At Night

The usuall way to come over the disease is to use antibiothics. As it is known you cannot use antibiothics on your own you have to visit a doctor. There are also other ways as well which can help you to get away from this disease. Fisrt of all you have drink a plenty of water during that period. You have to keep your throat wet all the time to not to face with cough problem. You can drink herbal teas. Sage tea can be a very good example for these. As it is known the sage tea is a natural antiseptic which mean that it can help your throat to get ride of the viruses and bacterias that causes the disease and can also help your throat to recover.


There are also some beverages that you should not drink when you face up with the sore throat problem. To start with you should keep yourself away from the black tea. Because of some of the things that it contains black tea can irritate your throat and slow down th recovery process. Secondly you should not drink any kind of carbonated drinks. All of such beverages irritate your throat as well and effect your stomach. In this period you should avoid to it and drink things that can cause your stomach a trouble because it can cause reflux which can also negatively effect your throat. 


Sore Throat Problem Which Increase at Night

If your sore throat increase at night the best way to prevent it is to put some vics under your feets. To tell you about vics it is a kind of a oinment that smells mentol in a very high level. You can get this oinment from every pharmacies. 




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