Illnesses Which Causes Sore Throat

The reasons of sore throats are bacteria and viruses. Cold, mononucleosis, measles and such disease that are caused by viruses can cause sore throat. There are also some disease that are connected with sore throat but which are caused by bacterial infections such as tonsillitis, diphtheria and epiglottitis which is a disease rarely seen.


While in bacterial caused sore throat antibiotics are the number one cure in viruses caused disease they are not used as a chemical. This kind of diseases can be caused by several things such as your lifestyle, job, living area, how often you went to public places and if you have any kind of allergies all of them can trigger your sore throat. The sore throat is usually the sign of pharyngitis which is a very common disease since past.


What Is Pharyngitis?

Pharyngitis is a disease which is caused by germs and bacteria’s and can transmit from one another very easily. There are several types of pharyngitis such as chronic and acute. Other reasons that can cause pharyngitis can be use of alcohol and cigarette, post nasal drainage and dry air, living conditions and lifestyle and job. To clarify where pharyngitis is seen we ca say that it happens in the back area of the mouth cavity where tonsils range.


Cures For Sore Throat

There are several ways to come over this problem. The first thing you have to do is of course visiting your doctor. Your doctor will give you some chemicals according to the degree of your illness. There are also natural ways that you can use as a cure for sore throats. Sage tea can be really helpful. This tea help you to clean your throat from bacteria and help you to get well.



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