In The Treatment Of Vocal Cord Nodules

Benign vocal cord nodules, the vocal cords that occurs due to a bad use of a structure. The front 1/3 and 2/3 rear section very large, double-sided. Depending on the use of sound and last time, big, small, soft or can be hard.


Some of the factors that play a role in the emergence of vocal nodules;

• Don't shout, your voice long-term high-intensity use

• Excessive alcohol, tea and coffee consumption

• Smoking

• Frequent coughing

• Talk for long periods without rest

• Inappropriate use of voice

• Stress

• Depression

• Is in a noisy environment

Symptoms Of nodules;

Hoarseness is seen from time to time initially, but become increasingly Frequent.

• Woodwind speech

• The hardness in the voice

• Audio breakages

• Pain in throat after talking for a long time

• Don't feel like you have a lump in the throat

• Reduction in sound intensity

• Frequent coughing

Nodules of the vocal cords and sound by reducing the vibration of the wire to prevent getting full of the sound causes the corruption.


Vocal nodules on the rest of the test audio may be an option rather than to destroy completely but the rest causes it to shrink, and reduces the swelling of the thyroid. Giving importance to to work to solve the problem that lies at the origin and sound therapy vocal hygiene is required.


In cases of nodules by a speech and language therapist working in conjunction with the patient to identify and eliminate the problematic user behavior on audio in everyday life will help him. Resonance therapy techniques using the patient's vocal function and voice at the same time more forward-oriented uses is intended to develop and model a healthier shutdown. In the process of correct speech sound therapy techniques, vocal hygiene, and giving importance to the constant practice largely without the need for surgery nodules treatment. This post about the correct resume to the person himself to block the rotation of their usage habits audio and nodules remained.



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