In Which Situations Adenoidectomy Is Performed?

Adenoidectomy are frequently performed in ENT clinics. When the drug treatment is not beneficial, surgical removal of adenoid is the way that specialists recommend. There are two criteria used to decide whether surgery is necessary or not.


Conditions requiring definitive surgery:

– Blockage of the upper respiratory tract due to adenoid

– Apse around tonsil (Peritonsillar apse)

– Malignant tumor suspicion

– Adenoid and tonsil growth that disrupt the chin structure.


At the top of the relative criteria are frequent recurrent tonsil infections. 40% of tonsillectomy operations are done for this reason.

– Inflammation of fever tonsil more frequently in the last year, 7 times in the last year or 5 times per year in the last two years or 3 times per year in the last three years.


– Diphtheria (Croup) microbial carriers

– People with heart valve malfunction.

– Frequent otitis due to tonsillitis and adenoid inflammation.

Such conditions are called chronic tonsillitis. Surgical treatment is recommended, planned.

As is the case with tonsils, the main reason for adenoidectomy is that there is an adenoid in the throat which constantly leads to sleep by opening the mouth, snoring or asphyxiation in the sleep, and some infections. These infections are mainly recurrent otitis, a long accumulation of water behind the ear membrane, chronic otitis accompanied by a permanent hole in the ear canal, and chronic sinusitis.

Do these surgeries have an age limit?

In the past, some age limits were mentioned, especially because of anesthesia risks. Today, there is no such an age limit, but the incidence of these diseases is generally low in older ages and often simple solutions. A very small child, however, is being operated on because of breathing stops during sleep. Due to frequent recurrent infections, it is preferable to perform the planned operations after 4 years of age.



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