Is Contagious Epiglottis In Children?

It is an acute respiratory tract infection, especially seen in children between the ages of 2 and 8 years, with swelling of the larynx and redness. The effect is a bacterium called Hemophylus influenza. It is usually clouded by respiratory air and droplets. Especially in places where children such as nurseries are concentrated together, the risk of infection is high.

In the diagnosis of laryngeal flap, diagnosis is first clinically diagnosed. Blood tests such as whole blood count, sedimentation and CRP may be required to support the diagnosis. The epiglottis is red and swollen in the endoscopic examination performed with the camera system.


What Are The Symptoms Of Inflammation Of The Epiglottis In Children?

There are many symptoms of inflammation of the epiglottis. Some of them are as follows:

  • Shoot

  • Severe sore throat

  • Abnormal-pitched respiratory

  • Difficulty swallowing, painful swallowing

  • Alarming, restless behavior

  • Sitting or leaning forward significantly relaxation.


What Is The Treatment Of Inflammation Of The Epiglottis In Children?

The causative bacteria is treated with appropriate antibiotic therapy. Cortisone also can be called steam and cold medications given in the hospital.If there is too much respiratory distress to the patient, intubation ( placement of a tube down the trachea) and the tracheostomy ( opening the trachea hole), such as interventions may also be required.If you have a steam machine at home, I also put water on Steam Bath or heating the ambient air nemlendirebi it may be useful to you. Because it would reduce the swelling of the glass when it is cold outside air by opening your child to relax can help.


Is Contagious Epiglottis In Children?

Hemophyllus influenza vaccine is important in protection. There is a risk of transmission of this disease. It is also important to comply with personal hygiene rules such as frequent handwashing and to avoid contact with sick people to reduce the risk of contamination. Children especially should be more careful because of sensitive immune systems



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