Is There A Genetic Effect Of Laryngeal Cancer?

All known patients with cancer a common side or a common reasons: every one of the numerous cells that compose the human body like a precious treasure stored in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) the chemical structure of the chain of change, in more scientific words, the mutation of DNA. The onset of the disease, a mutation of the gene that makes it have the function of apoptosis as a result of the corruption (mutated) is based. In some people, this presents itself as a disease through inheritance. The same genes which cause deterioration of the structure of chemical substances leads to the formation of cancer cells. Cells with damaged and aging cells accumulate in the genes of tumour cells can convert to toxic substances.


First, when carrying genes that cause cancer oncogenes disorders was found (cancer genes) was called. Oncogenes, cell proliferation, the genes that makes the driving task. Originally oncogene proto-oncogene (oncogene to be a candidate gene) mutations arise as a result of the idea that the owners at the end of the seventies brought the Nobel Prize for this discovery became a turning point in Cancer Research. These genes as well as proto-oncogene which reveals the opposite function of the genes in the cell, a tumor cell prevents. The activities of these groups of genes the loss of it can also lead to cancer. Cancer cells differ from all other cells, the signals transmitted to the communication between the cells of the divide do not stop.

The division acts as a stopper genes, chemical signals between cells that protein synthesis occur as a result of the existing links (Nexus) must be distributed to all the cells through. In cancer cells, which are the points of contact for communication in the cell membranes allow the cell bridges are not available. Therefore, the signal in the transition cell to other cells is not possible. This refers to the uncontrolled growth of the cells continuously.



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