Is There Age Limit in Throat Operation?

 Part of the immune system required for the operation of the system and the cells involved in the construction of the outbreak. As a baby from the Mother, immune to the plague thanks, really not seen a problem. The last epidemic and the children of the mother's own immune system starts to protect itself because it creates bacteria and microbes that enter the body when children get sick more often and will meet up with the immune response. Tonsil and adenoid growth is also more common. Tonsils and adenoids between the ages of 3-9 12 years of age when the adult come around the growing in size.


How Old Is Tonsillectomy Done?

Tonsillectomy was done under the condition of being over three years old and weighing fifteen kilos when we looked at old sources. Earlier surgeries were known to be objectionable. But as anesthesia techniques have been developed now, nasal and tonsil surgery has started to be performed for children under three years old. Sleep apnea syndrome, which is common in children with advanced tonsils and nasal polyps, has had a negative effect on children and it has been necessary to consider surgery at an early age.


Tonsillectomy can be done from one age. In children under three years of age, swelling of the tonsils may cause respiratory arrest and problems. It will be more appropriate to wait for patients who do not have a respiratory arrest crisis or who do not swell the tonsils very often to grow up with medication. Currently there is no upper age limit for tonsillectomy.


After tonsillectomy; children are seen to be recovered faster than adults. It is known that the severity of pain in younger patients is also less.



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