Is Tonsil Inflammation Contagious In Adult?

Then see what the functions of the body primarily the tonsils; the tonsils and throat tissues of the body are located in pairs on the rear side of the oval portion. This is the reason why the tissues of the tonsils will be called because they resemble the shape of almond. Is there a standard size of the tonsils. Because may vary according to the physical structure of every human being. Can be used for the change of the size of the tonsils but it can be said that; The size of the tonsils becomes increasingly smaller after puberty. The basic functions of the tonsils, which fight against germs, microbes influenced by can be affected, may be due to the disease themselves.


Throat pain is the most common and known symptom of your being caught in tonsillitis. The pain in the throat can reach the ears and neck region. The inflammation of the tonsils that do not stay with the sore throat alone can cause fever, swelling in the neck, joint pain, weakness and swallowing difficulty. Tongue inflammation can also create an unpleasant odor in the mouth. Nausea, nasal obstruction, coughing, redness in the eyes, nasal congestion can also be seen in the person with tonsillitis in addition to these.


What Are The Causes Of Tonsillitis?

The biggest factor in the formation of tonsillitis germs, viruses and bacteria. It follows that we can specify the tonsils caused by viruses or bacteria occurs because of; due to bacteria common in one third of childhood tonsillitis, inflammation of the tonsils is a factor in a tenth of the adult period.

Is Tonsil İnflammation Contagious?

Some of us have imagined I would like to share any information he could about tonsillitis; tonsillitis is contagious. The germs that cause tonsillitis can be carried in droplets of through the air. These microbes crowded, unventilated areas may spread in an easy manner.



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