Is Tonsillitis Contagious?

It is the problem that happen in the tonsils. In this tonsillitis situation your tonsils became skewer and the area is seemed as covered with a white tissue which is caused by some bacteria and viruses.

Treatment of Tonsillitis

This health problem can be seen in nearly everyone it is a very common disease which is taken for granted by many people because of its prevalence. People really get use to this disease and underestimate it but this behavior is completely wrong. As in any kind of health problem you as a patient you visit the doctor you have to the same thing for this disease. If you do not visit your doctor at the very beginning of the disease this might cause you really big problem which would not have any way to return from.


Treatment of Tonsillitis

The treatment of tonsillitis can be done by two ways the first one is by medicines and the second one is by natural cures. When you visit a doctor for this disease the first thing they will give you will be antibiotics and some mouth spray that will help your throat and tonsils to recover. To talk about the natural ways there are many so we will tell you only some of it. The first one is to drink not hot but also not cold sage tea.


Sage as a plant it is a natural antiseptic so it will help your tonsils to get well. You can also use sage to make mouthwash this can also help you. Other than that you can also drink green tea for example as it is commonly used in other disease it also help tonsillitis problem. If you do not like these teas you can make a small research through the internet and find out other teas that can help your disease.




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