Is Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Contagious In Children?

The most common infectious diseases in childhood are upper respiratory tract infections (URTI). The vast majority are caused by virus infections.


How is Upper Respiratory Tract Infected?

Infections are usually caused by sickness, sneeze, coughing, and bacteria in the air, and healthy people taking it to the respiratory tract. Direct contact with the secretions, kissing and hugging the person who has inflammation are the ways to get infected. For this reason, in crowded places, kindergarten and nursing homes, and schools are easy to spread viruses and bacteria. Smokers can carry viruses and bacteria that can cause disease in their throat flora.


What Are The Symptoms Of Upper Respiratory Tract İnfection?

People who have upper respiratory tract infections may have nasal discharge, sneezing, sickness, irritation, and redness in the eyes, headache, fever, cough. In simple virus infections (colds), also known as a sniffle, fever is not very obvious. Even if there is a fever when fever is reduced the child's energy is normal. The nasal discharge and the sneeze are at the forefront. Fever, body aches, weakness, loss of appetite, and cough, can be seen in more severe infections like flu.


Sinusitis is not common in small children. Children after 6 years of age may have a history of isolated sinusitis headache, continues a morning cough, inflamed nose, and nasal discharge.

The throat (larynx) is the area where the upper and lower respiratory tract join. Laryngitis is a kind of upper respiratory tract infection with edema on the vocal cord, which we call as chordae vocalis and especially voice ligaments. In this case, called diphtheria or croup, there is a dry, bark-like cough, especially starting at night and suddenly starts. It is usually followed by a cold-like infection. There is difficulty in breathing, making whistling-like chirping sound while breathing, and hoarseness.



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