Is Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Contagious?

One or more parts of the upper respiratory tract are invaded by viruses or bacteria, the edema that occurs, the increase in fullness in the veins, the increase in the secretions and the deterioration of the cilia fluctuates one after another. Since the abundant secretion produced is not enough to be removed from the body, congestions occur. Secondary bacterial infections may be seen as a complication in areas where the epidemic is pandemic (otitis, sinusitis, and apse).


How Is Upper Respiratory Tract İnfected?

Infections are usually spread by sickness, cough, virus and bacteria in the air and healthy people are taking these virus or bacteria through respiratory tract. Direct contact with the secretions by kissing, hugging infects the healthy person. For this reason, it is easy to get sick in schools, in crowded places, in nurseries and nursing homes, in kindergarten. Smokers can carry viruses and bacteria that can cause disease in the throat flora.


What Are The Symptoms Of Upper Respiratory Tract İnfection?

Upper respiratory tract infections may have nasal discharge, sneezing, redness in the eyes, headache, fever and cough. In simple virus infections (colds), also known as sniffle, fever is not very obvious. Even if it is a fever, the child's energy is well. The nasal discharge and sneeze are at the forefront. Fever, body aches, weakness, loss of appetite, cough, malaise and fatigue can be seen in virus infections which are more severe like flu.


The most important group of bacterial infections is beta hemolytic streptococcal infections. Tonsil inflammation that can begin with vomiting, the fever, headache, sore throat nasal discharge and sneeze is rare. Body aches, abdominal pain can also be seen.

In the otitis, fever and severe ear pain are at the forefront. It usually follows a cold-like start.



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