Itchy Throat

Throat rash or tickling is usually no more than a little discomfort. It can be a signs of a allergies or cold or because of the dry weather.

However the throat itching that keeps coming can be annoying. Itching in the throat can disrupt your sleeping; cause pain, distractibility and irritation in your throat.


Why İs Throat Irritated?

The surfaces of the throat have mucus tissue and the nerve-ending. These nerve-endings can be rasped by food, air, viruses or allergic reactions. The mucus normally needs to moisten the throat and allow the food to pass easily. However occasionally the mucus can be dried and the throat can be itchy. This is usually due to an inflammation or the body's dehydration. In some instances, the body produces excessive amount of mucus, too moisturizing the throat, causing itching again.


Probably the usual cause of throat itches is the dehydration of the body. It occurs when the throat is dry and mucus is not produced enough for protecting the tender tissue.


Furthermore some foods and drinks may cause throat itchy. Caffeine can cause the body to be dehydrated. Thus if you consume too much coffee and tea, this may be the cause of the throat itch. Some antidepressants and medications can also cause itching in the throat. Read the prospectus of medication that you use carefully for this. Smoking can irritate the throat and then cause itching.

Overuse of the throat during the day causes dryness and itch. Too many talking or crying people, people singing and singing in a wrong way, shouting or snoring can have throat itch. It also occurs in those who have to breathe in through the mouth due to result of disease or coughing.





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