How Long Does Acute Pharyngitis Last?

How many days are needed for the treatment of acute pharyngitis? We can not answer the question exactly. So, the definition of the pharyngitis should be learnt to answer this question more significantly. The pharyngitis is caused by inflammation of the pharynx part of the mouth and the back of the nose. It is infectious due to viruses and microbes that are located in the throat.

Pharyngitis is considered as chronic if it occurs for a long time without causing strong complaints. Acute pharyngitis symptoms are accepted as more strong symptoms. Bacteria and viruses are the cause of discomfort, but the causes that irritate the throat are also the factors that facilitate the formation.

Antibiotic use is necessary for acute pharyngitis treatment if it is caused by bacteria. These will help remove the bacteria from the center of the disease. In addition to antibiotics; cough cutters, fever reducers, pain killers and medications used to prevent allergic reactions will be supportive. If there is a gross discharge, medication can be used to cut it.

The use of pastils for sore throat is not very useful. Treatment of chronic illnesses can take a long time. First of all, the reasons for this need to be determined. In the course of medical treatment, patients will comply with some rules and their application will provide a favorable treatment.

Bağlantı How Many Days Does Pharyngitis Last?

If pharyngitis is treated according to the suggestions described above under doctor advise and the person gets a good rest with a good care, it is likely to last about 1 week. Acute pharyngitis lasts maximum 2.5 weeks. After 3 weeks, it can be counted as chronic pharyngitis, which is a different disease then acute pharnygitis requiring a different treatment method to be cured.

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