How Long does Pharyngitis Last?

Pharyngitis time varies according to the type. How many pharyngitis types are there? There are two types of pharyngitis. These are acute pharyngitis and chronic pharyngitis. Treatment applied according to pharyngitis characteristics also varies.

How long acute pharyngitis lasts?

Acute pharyngitis symptoms were sudden and severe pain. The tonsils are also damaged with pharyngitis and cause pain when swallowed. If this disease affects tonsillitis, it can lead to inflammation and swelling of the tonsils. So if the acute treatment is started immediately, the pharyngitis will be recovered in a short time.

How long chronic pharyngitis lasts?

Chronic pharyngitis is caused by viral as well as dry air, dusty air, polluted air, nasal discharge, cigarette, alcohol, frequent use of hot or cold food and beverages, chronic tooth and gum disturbances, as well as syphilis, tuberculosis, And some chronic rheumatic diseases may also cause chronic pharyngitis.

How is the pharyngitis treatment?

Acute pharyngeitis is usually treated with antibiotics. And the pharyngits treatment with herbal teas is supported. Chronic pharyngitis may require surgical intervention.

Therefore, chronic pharyngitis may take a long time to treat. The patient should not use cigarettes or alcohol in both pharyngitis types and should not consume very hot or very cold beverages or food.

BağlantıYou should follow your doctor’s recommendations and use your medicines regularly to get rid of the pharyngitis disease as soon as possible. Also, medication alone is not enough. At the same time, you should pay attention to proper nutrition. You have to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. You should drink at least two and a half liters of warm water per day. You should avoid eating too cold or too hot foods.

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