Oh My Throat is Swollen! Have An Angina?

With the approach winter occurs many illnesses. One of them is one of the body disposes if more the sluggish is a sore throat. The incoming first mind and common definition is angina. In this case, the question is why every throat is angina? If the answer of this question is well known, the diseases would be noticed in advanced themselves. Need to know to understand whether the angina is as follows:


  1. Every Sore Throat Is Angina?

It may not be every sore throat is angina. Sore throat may be caused by multiple details.

Tonsillitis is one of them.

  1. What Is An Angina?

In the language of medice angina is, in the back part of the nasal and oral cavity is defined as the inflammation that occurs. Colloquially; throat pain, burning in the throat, high fever, cough, voice, weakness, making mirror viral infection that leads to situations such as is defined as.

  1. Angina Is A Persistent Disease?

Angina is of two types; the first type is acute angina. Acute angina is usually caused by viral inflection. A weak or so passes in less than a week. Due to the emergence of sudden and short term leads to severe symptoms. The second type is the chronic angina. In short, the occurence if thought is constantly repeating itself persistent angina.

  1. Why Have An Angina?

Viruses that cause colds also cause acute angina. Crowded places accelerate this process.

The reason of chronic angina; constantly recurring acute anginas, use foreign materials( cigares, alchaol, drugs etc.), genetic predisposition and habit of bodies creating itself.

  1. How To Treat An Angina?

In the treatment of accute angina:

  • Antibiotics

  • Antipyretics

  • Painkillers

  • Cough suppressants

  • Injections

An attempt made to be activated by applying medical treatments such as.

Moreover, it is also recommended herbal teas.

In the treatment of chronic angina:

First of all, revealing factors of chronic angina is detected. After determining this, one or more of the factors according to the treatment specified path.

If Angına Is Not Treated, Wıll It Cause Other Diseases?


As a disease primarily acute if not treated on time; it causes kidney diseases, to the weakness of the vocal cord, to the lymph node swelling, to the rheumatism of the joint and a lot more diseases.

Which Precautıons Should Be Taken Before Being Angina?


First of all, be aware of the person’s disease and starting to the treatment is a very important condition but the more important than that is before get the disease is to take precautions.

Precautions to be taken:

Abundantly fluid consumption

Avoid acidic drinks

          Not using harmful substances

          Stay away from air-conditioned environment

          Take precautions before going out in cold weather

Although the precautions to be taken seem simple. Actually, to do this, even may have to change the lifestyle.



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