Which Part Of The Hospital Treats Acute Pharyngitis?

In acute pharyngitis, swelling, blood pooling and redness develop in the mucous membranes that cover the inner surface of the throat. Acute pharyngitis is often associated with microbial diseases of the upper respiratory tract. While viruses are responsible for approximately 97% of pharyngitis cases, only 3% of bacteria are mainly responsible for streptococci. Some of the pharyngitis seen in children develop together with pediatric diseases such as red or measles. Various physical and chemical factors such as cold, dirty air can also cause sudden pharyngitis. Some pharyngitis cases are more common in some people.

Acute Pharayngitis Symptoms

  • The pharyngitis first appears in the throat as burning, pain, itching and dry sensation.
  • Cough is another sign of pharyngitis.
  • The most important signs of pharyngitis are fever and loss of voice.
  • Symptoms such as fatigue and fatigue also show this disturbance.
  • Among the pharyngitis statements are the nasal passages.
  • The patient, who is pharyngitis, is extremely sensitive to dust and bacteria and shows the same sensitivity to food.

Which part of the hospital treats acute pharanygitis?

People with symptoms desribed above shold go to The Department of Infectious Diseases in the hospitals for acute pharyngitis treatment since the disease is caused by bacteria or viruses.

What is The Department of Infectious Diseases?

The Department of Infectious Diseases specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi. In the Infectious Diseases Policlinic, patients who come from distant places are treated, and if necessary, they are hospitalized. In the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory, which is affiliated to the department, tests are carried out to determine disease-affecting microorganisms. Clinical Microbiology Laboratory conducts tests on Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Parasitology, and Serology. The proper treatment type is determined based on the resyults of these tests.

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