People With Tonsil Inflammation Need To Pay Attention What?

Tonsil is one of the defense mechanisms of the human body. This mechanism protects the body's microbe scabbard. What causes tonsillitis? When tonsil is inadequate to defend against microbes, bacteria and viruses collect in the tonsils and cause tonsillitis. Tonsils are more common in winter months. It affects mostly children, those with weak immune systems and babies.



What is good for tonsillitis? There are some rules that people with tongue inflammation should pay attention to. These are:

  • Stay away from places with cigarette smoke. They must smoke themselves.
  • They should not drink very cold drinks.
  • They should not drink very hot drinks.
  • They should consume soft and warm soup.
  • Tonsilum can be treated with lemon hot water for herbal treatment.
  • Stay away from cold foods like ice cream.
  • Avoid being in dirty air.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Especially they drink plenty of water.


  • The medicines given by the doctor should be used regularly.
  • Eat vegetables and fruit to strengthen the immune system. They can also squeeze and drink their water.
  • They should rest a lot. They should avoid the body, the immune system and the throat.
  • They should be found in damp environments, not in dry environments. In particular, they should pay attention to the dampness of the air of the living room.
  • They must gargle with salt water to clean the tonsils.
  • They must ventilate frequently.
  • They can use throat pastilles to relax the throat.
  • They must stay away from spicy foods that irritate the throat, hard bread and nuts.
  • Prevent drying of the Bosporus.


People with tonsillitis will recover within 3-4 days when they take this recommendation into account and use the medication prescribed by the doctor. If you still do not have tonsillitis, it is useful to see the doctor again.



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