Pharyngitis After The Tonsillectomy

Especially winter months people always struggle with pharyngitis. If your have ache on your throat maybe you also struggle with it. Therefore we are going to give information about pharyngitis to you. Pharyngitis definition is shortly have a dryness on your throat and also have maturation in your pharynx. Pharyngitis has two variation and these are acute pharyngitis and chronic pharyngitis. In this article we are going to pharyngitis problem after the tonsillectomy but first we will give information about tonsillectomy.

What is Tonsillectomy?

Tonsillectomy surgery is doing under the general anesthesia and after the surgery first four hours there is no nutrition from mouth. After surgery usually patients have pain in their throat. Therefore doctors advice cold food like cold yoghurt, pudding, cream potatoes and even though ice cream because these foods can not hurt patients’ throat. This surgery advice if your faucial tonsils are swelling like everyyear in three times etc. and make difficulties about breathing and eating. Other times usually doctors prefer antibiotics. People believed that after this surgery they can easily have pharyngitis in their throat but it is not true. People who is taken his faucial tonsils and people who is not have same risk to have pharyngitis in their throat. There is no bad impact on patients’ who lost their faucial tonsils about this issue. Nevertheless we are going to give information about the signs of pharyngitis for you to compare your throat situation if you had a tonsillectomy surgery before but one again please remember there will no change after surgery.

What is The Signs of Pharyngitis?

  1. Burning sensation in throat
  2. -Ache and itching
  3. -Feeling dryness in throat
  4. -Cough and after that nausea and vomiting
  5. -Weakness
  6. -Hoarseness
  7. -Nasal flow
  8. -Redness in throat
  9. -Difficulty about swallowing
  10. -Inaccetence
  11. -Swelling of adenoids


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