Pharyngitis Causes – What Causes Pharyngitis?

What Causes Pharyngitis? The main pharyngitis causes are irritation and inflammation in the throat. The back of the throat is susceptible to foreign substances, tobacco, viruses, bacterial and infectious agents that can enter from outside the body. There are a number of common causes for both chronic pharyngitis and acute pharyngitis. Viruses and bacteria can be considered as the most important of these common causes. However, the main causes of chronic pharyngitis are; Alcohol, cigarettes, nasal discharge, dry air, allergies and various bacteria. In addition, there are things that everybody does in daily life that can cause the throat to become irritated. Consuming very hot or cold foods and drinks is one of them. I can also count acidic drinks like tea, coffee, soda, cola, etc.


Pharyngitis Causes

Let’s write a list of the causes of pharyngitis:

    1. Viruses and Bacteria
      Bacteria and viruses that cause flu or colds can also cause pharyngitis. Farangite usually appears in cold weather. Viruses and bacteria that are released into the air with coughing or sneezing can cause pharyngitis. In addition, contact with a non-clean surface can lead to pharyngitis (especially mouth and nose contact). Many people are caught in pharyngitis in cold weather, ie winter months. In addition if there is not enough oxygen in the closed and airless environment and there is bacteria that causes pharyngitis in the environment, it can easily pass to the person because of its infectious nature. Also, the disease usually spreads among family members.

    2. Irritation of the Throat
      In addition to viruses and bacteria, factors such as smoking, alcohol, dry air, dusty air,  hot or cold food-drinks, air pollution, climate changes and nasal discharge can also irritate the throat. Chronic pharyngitis may occur due to these factors.

    3. Stuffiness
      You may have nasal obstruction not only due to the infection but also due to the curved structure of the nasal bone or the nose. The clogging of the nose means that you start to breathe through the mouth. Finally, the causes irritation of the throat creates the ground for chronic pharyngitis.

    4. Smoking And Alcohol
      Chronic pharyngitis is not only seen in smokers, but also in people exposed to cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke poses a risk for chronic pharyngitis. Alcohol also causes the throat to become irritated. Smoking and alcohol are the most common causes of chronic pharyngitis.

    5. Allergens
      Some factors, such as pollen, can cause throat irritation. For example hay fever can lead to chronic pharyngitis. Airborne allergens such as wood or grass pollen can irritate the throat, creating pharyngitis.

    6. Other Diseases
      Hay fever, sinusitis or chronic cough can cause pharyngitis.

    7. Reflux
      In reflux disease, stomach acids escape to the food pipe. This causes the throat to become irritated. This long-term irritation of the throat can cause chronic pharyngitis.

You should pay attention to these pharyngitis causes to avoid pharyngitis. You should be careful, particularly during seasonal changes. Also never forget that pharyngitis is contagious.




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  1. I smoke for 8 years and i have chronic pharyngitis. Cant stop smoking and for this reason my throat irritated so much. Now i cant eat anything except warm soup….

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