Pharyngitis Definition – What is Pharyngitis?

Pharyngitis Definition: A contagious throat infection that usually occurs after infection of viruses. Behind epiglottis lies the throat section called pharynx. Pharyngitis occurs when the part of the pharynx that can be seen when we open our mouth is inflamed. Viruses and bacteria are the leading cause of pharyngitis.


What is pharyngitis? Simply pharyngitis means throat inflammation and irritation mostly caused by viruses. Also bacteria or throat irritation is among the causes of pharyngitis.


However, pharyngitis can cause bronchitis formation.

Pharyngitis can cause bronchitis formation
Pharyngitis can cause bronchitis formation


In some cases, pharyngitis can be long but does not bother us too much. In this kind cases, it may have turned into chronic pharyngitis. A type of pharyngitis called “chronic pharyngitis” may occurs. If the pharyngitis is very severe, probably it is acute pharyngitis and it will short-lived.



There are two types of pharyngitis, acute pharyngitis and chronic pharyngitis.  Acute pharyngitis is usually caused by viruses. Chronic pharyngitis is usually caused by irritation of the throat for various reasons.


Acute Pharyngitis Definition

Acute pharyngitis is usually caused by viruses and the symptoms are more clear. It usually occurs in a short time and with severe inflammations. If you are acute pharyngitis; you may see symptoms such as sore throat, burning in the throat, dryness, silence, fever, malaise, runny nose. If you have acute pharyngitis again and again, chronic pharyngitis may develop over time. Bacteria are also among the causes of pharyngitis.

Acute pharyngitis is divided into two groups according to the cause: Viral Parangitis and Bacterial Parangitis.


Chronic Pharyngitis Definition

Chronic pharyngitis is usually caused by allergens and gives a burning sensation in the throat. It bothers you less, but it takes longer. Chronic pharyngitis does not have fever or malaise, but there is a feeling of weakness of swallowing, coughing, burning, stretching, feeling of foreign body sticking and frequent cleaning of the throat. Infection still affects, but chronic inflammation plays a bigger role, for example as a factor in irritation of the throat, such as air pollution.




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