Pharyngitis In Kids

Pharyngitis is an inflammatory condition of the throat with micros or irritation. Pharyngitis is the most common cause of sore throat with tonsillitis and redness-swelling on the posterior wall of the throat. Pain with swallowing is one of the symtoms of pharyngitis. This is the most obvious pharyngitis symptoms.

Childhood pharyngitis is often caused by virus infections. The viruses we encounter most often are; Cold viruses, infectious mononucleosis, adenovirus.

What is Beta Microbe?

Beta microbe (beta hemolytic streptococcus) can only have tonsils, pharynxes or both. It often makes children sick between 5 and 15 years old. Disease of the affected person through the droplets of the respiratory tract. Beta microbe can cause disease in the heart, kidneys if not treated. Pharyngitis in babies and a microbe that causes the formation of pharyngitis in children.

The most basic way to protect from beta microblob is to not have very close contact with diseased person.

However, carriage may be seen in 5-15% of school age children. Microbes are detected in beta-carriers, disease symptoms-without throat cultures and strep test for beta microbes. These children do not need any treatment.

How Is Pharyngitis Treated?

Pharyngitis treatment is targeted. Viral pharyngitis is self-limiting. For this reason, abundant fluid intake is fever-reducing and resting is sufficient. Farenjitte is the most important symptom of sore throat. Soft food should be given to the child who has difficulty in eating because of sore throat. Acid, hot, very cold beverages should not be given. Bacterial pharyngeal antibiotic therapy should be planned. In particular, the detection of beta microblogging and the use of appropriate antibiotic treatment at appropriate time prevent rheumatism that can occur in heart, kidney, joints. Herbal teas are good for pharyngitis in kidsbecause herbal teas can get sore throat. A child with a pharyngitis indication must be a doctor-controlled treatment.

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