Pharyngitis and Lower Tract Infections

On the back of the mouth and nasal cavity, there is a throat part called pharynx. Pharyngitis occurs when the part of the pharynx that is seen when we open our mouth is inflamed. It is a throat infection that usually occurs in winter, by microbes or viruses.

Pharyngitis Causes

The back of the throat is sensitive to microbe, dust and heat. The causes of both acute and chronic pharyngitis are usually microbes or viruses, but there are small differences in their occurrence. Smoking and alcohol use, allergies, viruses and bacteria, nasal discharge, dry air influence the occurrence of pharyngitis. There are other conditions that irritate the throat leading to the disease such as extremely hot or cold foods and acidic drinks. Also, when the nose is blocked, it becomes easier to have pharyngitis.

Pharyngitis Treatment

The options offered by alternative medicine in the treatment of pharyngitis are too high to be overlooked. There are countless herbal solutions that can be good for two types of pharyngitis. Some of these are sage, cinnamon, marshmallow and chamomile tea.

Antibiotics should be used in pharyngitis which comes from the bacterial causes. The lack of adequate doses of antibiotic therapy can lead to diseases such as nephritis and tonsillitis. Therefore, it is necessary to continue until the end of the treatment.

Pharyngitis Complications

The throat is counted as the part of upper tract system, and a disease occurring here such as pharyngitis can lead to nasal, ear and lower respiratory tract diseases. The inflammation in the pharynx can sometimes reach to bronchial tubes from the respiratory tract and descent into the lungs can provide a basis for lower respiratory tract diseases. If the descent reach to lungs, inflammation also spreads within the lower tract system and several diseases can be seen as the complication of pharyngitis. If this situation occurs, the recovery time gets so much longer.


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