Pharyngitis Nursing and Symptom Management

Pharyngitis is a disease where the pharynx is inflamed. Sore throat, swallowing difficulty, fever and resentment. Pharyngitis, also known as pharyngitis, usually manifests itself during the cold seasons but that does not mean it is not seen in the summer. If the disease is not observed, it can become chronic and make life unbearable. So, treatment period should be taken seriously and a good care should be supplied for the patients.

Reasons of Pharyngitis

Main causes of pharyngitis can be states as cigarette smoke, chemical irritants, too much speech, sinusitis and nasal secretion. Pharyngitis is caused by bacteria or viruses. Bacterial type Streptococcal infection can cause serious complications if not treated well. Hence, pharyngitis nursing care plan is quite important.


Main symptoms of the disease can be stated as redness in the throat membrane, swelling and exudating in the tonsils and follicles. Cervical lymph nodes become sensitive and fever, malaise and sore throat can be seen.

Pharyngitis Treatment and Care

The goal of the treatment is to alleviate the symptoms and try to remove the cause. Hence, there are certain main rules to follow in pharyngitis nursing care. The cigarettes are forbidden for sure for the sake of the patient. The patient should be kept in low level of voice to rest the audiophiles. The bed rest should be provided and plenty of fluid should be supplied. In the acute phase, watery soft diet is important. When the swallowing strength is high, IV fluid is given to the patients. The food and beverages should be not too hot. Garnish with warm salt water is recommended. Oral hygiene is important in the recovery period. Nephritis and febrile rheumatism are observed in the direction of the statement. Streptococcus is a regular agent of penicillin treatment. Analgesics may be given.

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