Pharyngitis Symptoms – What are the Pharyngitis Symptoms?

Pharyngitis Symptoms : Weakness, high fever, loss of appetite, swelling of lymph glands in the throat, fatigue and sore throat are the most common symptoms of pharyngitis. Burning, scratching, itching, pain and dryness in the throat are extremely uncomfortable to the patient. You may experience coughing, loudness, nasal discharge. Sensitivity to dust, bacteria, food and beverages is also observed between pharyngitis symptoms .


Acute Pharyngitis Symptoms

Chronic Pharyngitis Symptoms

Pharyngitis Symptoms in Children


Acute pharyngitis is usually short-lived, but it is quite disturbing with severe symptoms. The main symptom of acute pharyngitis is sore throat.

Other symptoms include high fever, difficulty swallowing, nasal discharge, redness in the throat, headache, joint aches, weakness, muscle aches, screeching, coughing and swelling of the lymph glands, and ear pain.



In contrast to acute pharyngitis, chronic pharyngitis does not have signs of fever and fatigue. Your throat is not as painful as acute pharyngeitis, but it never disappears (or it happens very easily).

You have complaints such as dryness, tingling, burning, dryness, foreign body sensation, stabbing, difficulty swallowing in the throat. You can cough in the form of a coughing cough.

Patients feel that they will be relieved by cleaning their throat, and they constantly make a cleaning move. However, this often causes more irritation of the throat.



Children also have pharyngitis. Because it is contagious, it multiplies in kindergartens and communities. Common symptoms are weakness, sudden onset of fever, vomiting, sore throat and abdominal pain.

Treatment of streptococcal pharyngitis, which is common in children, is done with antibiotics in the penicillin group. Children should be tested for possible penicillin allergies. In 24-48 hours, transmission of the disease by antibiotics can be prevented. It is important for children to rest during the treatment process and to consume plenty of fluid.

In rare cases, babies are also likely to be seen. Antibiotic therapy is needed in such cases. In infants and young children, specialist doctors should be consulted urgently when symptoms such as small stains on the upper palate, redness on the sides of the throat and tonsils, swelling in the lymph glands, formation of the glands in the stomach are seen. If antibiotic therapy is not applied; More severe diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, middle ear inflammation may occur.


Finally, these are most common pharyngitis symptoms. If you experience any symptom, you should go to the doctor without wasting any time.




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  1. hello, i have my pharyngitis since 13 months. Today, I saw redness in the pharynx section on the left side of my throat. I’m afraid, will it get worse? thank you

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