Pharyngitis and Water Consumption

Pharyngitis is the common name given to the throat inflammation. 90% of the pharyngitis with vomiting is viral based while the remaining 10% is due to bacterial causes. The pharyngitis has two types, namely acute pharyngitis and chronic pharyngitis.

Importance of Water for Body

Water is the most important ingredient that comes after oxygen for human life and is an indispensable part of our nourishment. A person can survive for several days without water, although he maintains his life for weeks without food. The water content of the human body varies from 42 to 75% according to age and sex, with an average of 59% of the adult human body being watery. Water plays a crucial role in the functioning of body functions, the stabilization of metabolism, and the occurrence of many biochemical reactions in the body.

Cells, organs and tissues in the body need the most water so that the human body can survive and maintain its life. Particularly, some organs and systems are damaged and lose their function in parallel with the water being taken too much or too little. In particular, the kidneys, veins, skin, digestive and absorption organs are the first to suffer in case of thirst.

Water in Pharyngitis

Since the water is needed for body to maintain its functions, it is important to consume more water in case of pharyngitis since the metabolism is in danger position and the activities are more than usual because of the disease. Hence, water is the main component of pharyngitis diet.

Also, pharyngitis disease causes itching and instability in the throat. For this reason, these patients suffer great distress when they try to sleep. Especially because of the throat instability, there is a problem of not sleeping comfortably. It would be good to have a glass of warm water at the head of the patient. The patient who wakes up at night due to throat instability can relax with warm water.

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