Polyp In Vocal Cord

Polyp in vocal cord are good-natured formations that come to the forehead in vocal cord. It is mostly seen between 20 and 50 years. It is more common in women than in men. The end result of poor use of the voice tongue can be described as the swelling in the soft structure, which is formed on the vocal cords. If the bad use of the voice tongue continues for a long time, the soft polyps that form can harden and become permanent. Polyp may occur in one or both voice fibers. Polyps that resemble meat parts are larger than eggs. In some cases they can form as stalks and sag out like balloons from sound makers.


What causes polyps in vocal cord ?

Polyp in vocal cord is usually caused by poor voice use. However, a traumatic event can also lead to voice polyps. Apart from these, there are many other factors that can cause voice polyps. These factors are; cigarette use, muscle tightness, allergies, some occupational groups, shouting speech, excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption, stress, long-standing infectious diseases.


What are polyp symptoms in vocal cord?

Polyp symptoms in voice palsy are many. Some of these symptoms are; hoarnesses, lack of sound, chest tightness, sound thickening, choking sound, sore throat, neck pain, ear pain, sometimes body and sound fatigue.

Patients with these symptoms should definitely see a doctor. Rapid diagnosis and recovery process with early diagnosis.


How to treat polyps in vocal cord ?

Polyp can be treated with drug treatment, surgery or some behavioral treatment methods. The surgeon removes the polyps. If the polyp is too large and has been around for a long time, surgery is usually preferred. However, surgery is rarely performed in children with spinal polyps. In general, polyp treatments are attempted with other treatment options. Apart from all these treatment options, if there are other diseases that may lead to polyps, they are identified and the treatment of the diseases determined with polyp treatment is also started. Sound therapy, sound hygiene, stress reduction techniques, and leaving the cigarette are among other treatment options.



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