Polypoid Signs in Vocal Cord

The vocal cord polyps are unilateral voice coiled swellings that cause voice malfunction. Polies occur due to intense use of voice, colds, fraying, even sudden trauma. In patients who develop acute laryngitis due to excessive screaming, small bowel movements may occur in sesame seeds. If the sound is not restored at this stage, this bleeding may turn into a polyp. In general, the size of the polyps does not show shrinkage or growth. In this disease, drug treatment is not successful. Polies do not become malignant; But spontaneous healing is rare and should be surgically removed, as the bursts will cause damage to the sound they are on.


What causes polyps in vocal cord ?

Polyp in vocal cord is usually caused by poor voice use. However, a traumatic event can also lead to voice polyps. Apart from these, there are many other factors that can cause voice polyps. These factors are; cigarette use, muscle tightness, allergies, some occupational groups, shouting speech, excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption, stress, long-standing infectious diseases.


What are polyp symptoms in vocal cord?

Polyp symptoms in voice palsy are many. Some of these symptoms are; hoarnesses, lack of sound, chest tightness, sound thickening, choking sound, sore throat, neck pain, ear pain, sometimes body and sound fatigue.


Patients with these symptoms should definitely see a doctor. Rapid diagnosis and recovery process with early diagnosis.



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