Post-Operative Care of Tonsillitis

It is quite normal that the areas where the tonsils are removed after surgery are whitening. This is not a case of postoperative infection. On the contrary, this indicates that your body has begun to heal. This white layer forms a barrier in order to heal. This barrier reduces the likelihood of both pain and inflammation.


The best way to reduce post-operative pain and accelerate the healing process is regular fluid intake. Fluid intake (such as fruit juice, tea, coffee) is very low compared to water. The best liquid is water.

Softness foods are needed in order to heal after surgery. Practically everything that is as thick as an earlobe can be consumed. In addition, the temperature of the food that is consumed is not very important. Cold foods can easily flow from the throat because the nerves that are on the surface due to the surgery, but also foods that are at such temperature that they can be held comfortably in the mouth can be consumed.


Ice cream has no special benefit to heal. However, the coldness of the ice cream is easy to swallow and it is a good food after the surgery because of the high amount of calories contained.


The most important point in pain control is to get pain killer before you feel pain. Pain killers given by your doctor should be given at regular intervals like the same antibiotics. For example, if your doctor has given you one painkiller and you are wanted to use it four times a day, you should use it once per six hours a day. If you have given two painkillers and asked to use both 4 times a day, you should use them interchangeably so that they remain between the two painkillers for three hours.



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