Reasons For The Growth Of Fertility In Children

Adenoids in children with growth of snoring, sleep apnea, frequent tonsillitis, sinusitis and otitis media, hearing loss, loss of appetite and the growth retardation, which can cause heart and lung problems. For this reason, children may need to have nasal surgery. However, the most important disease that should not be missed here is allergic.


Frequent infections, immune deficiency, genetic predisposition, and allergic reactions are among the causes of gonad growth. For this reason, children who grow naturally should be examined for allergic rhinitis before nasal surgery.

The immune system should be examined before gonorrhea surgery.

The inability of the immune system in children with upper respiratory infections often develop as a result of the growth of adenoids and tonsils can cause.


Allergic rhinitis should be investigated before gynecologic surgery.

Children who need gonorrhea surgery should be examined for allergic rhinitis. Especially frequent colds, successive sneezing, nasal discharge, nasal itching and allergic salute If we call the nose upward movement of deletion must be analyzed in terms of absolute child made skilled allergy allergic rhinitis. Otherwise, even if the nose surgery is done, the risk of re-growth of the nasal afterwards is high. For this reason, it is necessary to examine the children who have absolutely indicated allergic rhinitis before nasal surgery. By treating allergic rhinitis, it may be possible to reduce the nasal rhythm without surgery.

Allergic rhinitis is both nasal enlargement and tonsil growth!

Allergic rhinitis causes both nasal enlargement and enlargement of the tonsils. The nasal flow formed by allergic rhinitis enlarges the nose. At the same time, because the nose causes nasal congestion, it causes frequent tonsillitis, which enlarges the tonsils. These children often have tonsils and nails, but can not fully relax.

Children with allergic rhinitis are affecting school success very much

Frequent sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, inflammation of the common medium of kuşlak, snoring, sleep apnea can lead to symptoms such as adenoids grow. As a result, a child with a blocked nose can not sleep comfortably. Sleep worsens. When you sleep in the morning, the quality of life of the sleepless child gets worse. He can not listen to lessons in school. There's a sneeze in the back. He often suffers from sneezing, sneezing, nasal itching and feeling badly with his friends.

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Asthma is also common in children with allergic rhinitis

Children with allergic rhinitis also have allergic asthma in the majority. For this reason, allergic rhinitis and asthma should be evaluated as a whole. Allergic rhinitis as well as the indication of asthma should be evaluated and patients with asthma suspicion should be examined for asthma.

When should nasal surgery be decided?

It is a more correct approach to have patients who do not feel relaxed despite the allergic rhinitis treatment of patients who need gynecologic surgery. Because sleep apnea sometimes come into a very hazardous situation for children adenoids, frequent tonsillitis, sinusitis and otitis media frequently and hearing problems, loss of appetite and weight loss that can result in a failure. For this reason, children who need to undergo nail surgery must be carefully examined and taken in cases that become compulsory.

As a result adenoids growth due to snoring, nasal congestion, successive sneezing, nasal itching symptoms of children with child be examined by allergy specialists, and although allergic rhinitis treatment adenoids shrink the children made adenoids surgery with allergic rhinitis treatment it would be a more appropriate approach.



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