Reasons Of Having Aphtha In The Throat

The answer for the question “What is an aphtha?” is that aphtha’s are small ulcers that are seen on the back area of the throat and also may spread to the tonsils and can also cover all around your mouth if you do not get rid of with it. It can be caused when the immune system of a person is very weak. As it is known when your immune system is weak this means that it is also open for the bacterias and viruses to attack the body. When you get any kind of bacterias or viruses that can cause aphtha this is the very beginning of everything.


This aphtha are not contagious normally but in some cases they might be. If you share your glass, bottle or anything that enter to your mouth with another person this means that you also put the person in danger because as in other disease aphtha can also transmitted by saliva.


Symptoms of Aphtha

There are a few symptoms seen in this disease. If you have problems in swallowing things or if your throat is scratching a bit or if you feel any problem in your throat this can be caused be aphtha. After a while the aphtha became very clear to see. They cover the throat and tonsils and in some cases if you do not prevent it, it can cover all your mouth as well. In the areas that you feel the pain you can see that a white tissue is covered.


The Treatments of Aphtha

The best way of getting rid of it is to visit your doctor and get some help from her or him. They always know what is the best way to come over it. Take the medicine that your doctor give and start to use it you will see that they will be gone in a few days.







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