Reasons Of Tonsillitis In Children

Tonsillitis is an oval shaped germ gland located on the lateral walls of the pharynx muscles in the tongue root.

Another name for "tonsils" located on both sides of the throat at the back of the tongue and the tonsils are organs of our employees depends on the immune system.


Tonsils need to introduce the antigens to the body. They are the protector of the microbes of the bodies. It has the task of promoting and reacting against microbes and viruses.


What is the reason behind the inflammation of the tonsils?

Tonsils and nose infections lead to bacteria, viruses, fungi. However, among these, group A is the most common cause of bacteria called beta hemolytic streptococci.

In the age of puberty up to the pre-school period is more commonly seen tonsillitis.

It's most common in children aged 3 to 7, because they have larger tonsils than adults and older children.


It causes redness, fatigue, headache, mild sore throat, nasal obstruction, high fever, severe swallowing difficulty and sore throat and abdominal pain, especially in young children. In addition, the following symptoms may be observed in young people who have difficulty in expressing how they feel:

• Pain or difficulty in swallowing

• Food refusal

• Abdominal pain

• Vomiting

Germs are among the factors that increase the risk to frequent exposure to inflammation of the tonsils. Especially to be in close contact with friends of the children of school age, they do not pay much attention until the external environment and hygiene play leads to exposure to bacteria and viruses.

It is very important if your child to shows signs of tonsillitis for choosing the correct diagnosis. So please take your child to show him a doctor if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Sore throat that does not last within 24 hours

  • Excessive weakness and fatigue

  • Painful and excessive swallowing difficulty

  • Laboured breathing



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