Reinke Edema Treatment

The presence of a void in the convolution of the sound was first recognized by Reinke in 1895 and began to be remembered in his name. Reinke space, one of the layers of the voicemail, has a critical role in sound production. This layer is called Reinke's edema when the Reinke gap is excessively thickened with liquid and a gelatinous substance over time.


It is necessary to refer all patients who have a voice change complaint to an otolaryngologist and / or refer to a full otolaryngologist and head and neck examination. The diagnosis of Reinke's edema can be made by endoscopic imaging (videolaryngoscopy) of the voice that can be performed comfortably in the outpatient setting after the patient's complaints are heard and examined. The voice is visible due to edema on the endoscopic image that can be seen with the patient's own eyes on the screen. This thickening can be seen unilaterally as well as bilaterally.


Why Does Reinke Edema Occur?

Smoking, reflux disease and misuse of the voice are among the most common known causes. Apart from these, hormonal changes such as allergy, hypothyroidism may also be caused.


How Is Reinke Edema Treated?

First of all, it is necessary to understand the expectation of the patient and the way of life very well and evaluate it together with the patient. This is the basis of treatment. Because patients with Reinke's edema should primarily deal with their life style and make necessary changes. Patients who do not want to change their life style or are forced to do so may sometimes prefer to learn to live with the effects of Reinke's pay. In fact, the main consideration for physicians in the planning of surgical treatment is that the underlying causes of the operation, especially smoking cessation and the fact that the patients are absolutely determined to abolish this disease.



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