Risk Factors and Reasons of Throat Cancer

The most significant risk factor of head & neck cancer is products of tobacco. We have observed that most patients with head & neck cancer have been smoking for many years. When you more smoke, the more likely you will get cancer of the throat and lower pharynx, and then it will be higher. Also, you should know that the different types of cigarettes do not reduce your risk of smoking (hubble bubble, cigar, and tobacco pipe). Today, numerous studies show that even in passive smokers there is risk-increasing of smoking-related cancer. Too much usage of alcohol (more than one cup per day) raises the risk for these types of cancer. This risk is greater for people using both cigarettes and alcohol. People who have two habits every once in a while are at a higher risk of getting head & neck cancer.


Not Enough Feeding

It is thought that malnutrition may raise the risk of head & neck cancer, although the exact reason is not clear yet. People who use too much alcohol have vitamin deficiency. This explains the role of alcohol use in raising the risk of head & neck cancers.



Long time and intensive exposure to sawdust, paint smell, used in metalwork; some chemicals used in petroleum, plastics and textile industries may raise the risk of cancer of the throat and lower pharynx.



Throat and lower pharyngeal cancers are rarely seen in young people. The most important reason for this is the development of end-stage laryngeal and lower pharyngeal cancer, which have been exposed for many years to exposure to risk factors. When the first cancer diagnosis is made, the patient's age is usually over 65 years old.



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