Sore Throat Treatment During Pregnancy

During pregnancy a woman can experience miraculous and exciting process. During this period, many of the mothers it's disease-resistant and you must be careful. During pregnancy, the immune system is more vulnerable compared to other times of Contracting certain diseases and therefore are more at risk. Sore throat, flu, colds and flu upper respiratory tract disease, such as the possibility of developing in the period of pregnancy is more than. During this period, in order to control the pain of the throat in the initial stages are required to treat the problem. Because it is not an appropriate term to use for a sore throat during pregnancy drug can benefit from natural and herbal products.


Sore throat, colds, flu, or colds has occurred due to the source if a virus is since no there is no specific drug treatment. Treatment with antibiotics does not give any effect to the virus that causes pain in the throat. Bacterial problems in antibiotic therapy is used. The antibiotics that are used unnecessarily as it does not have the disease can lead to more serious problems. In order to control these types of problems especially during pregnancy vitamin supplements, drink plenty of fluids and rest is recommended. A simple painkiller and should consult their doctor for antibiotics that can be used. During this period, antibiotic treatment sinusitis, bacterial infection such as pneumonia may be performed under a doctor's advice and supervision if any is involved.

Herbal recommendations that can be applied during pregnancy for a sore throat:

  • Severe sore throat pain that may help if it is not a cup of tea is not too hot. Season with honey and lemon tea by the amount of drinkable. In this way, the more quickly the pain will disappear. To prevent sleep problems, mothers who drink tea don't want to add a few drops of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon honey into warm water and drink it. Just like a mild sore throat Tea is good against.

  • Ginger tea for sore throat during pregnancy can be used again. Rendelener ginger and boiled for 5 minutes. The juice is filtered boiling ginger, adding honey and lemon can be consumed by.

  • During the day a lot of the non-cold water 1 teaspoon of salt is added and can be used as a mouthwash 2 times. Mouthwash applied accelerating blood circulation, an expectorant effect.



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