Strep Throat Infection Treatment In Children

Group a Streptococcus bacteria lives in the nose and throat. Carriers of this bacteria, coughing, sneezing, drinking from the same Cup and eat from the same plate through water, the bacteria pass on to other people. Being exposed to wounds or skin infections are also carriers of this disease can also contract the disease. Symptoms typically manifests itself within 5 days. The severity and intensity of symptoms vary. General strep throat symptoms include:


  • Strep throat (throat white in the portions of the formation)

  • Sore throat

  • Chills

  • Headache

  • Loss of appetite

  • Sudden fever

  • Swelling of the neck (lymph nodes)

  • Difficulty in swallowing


How Should The Treatment Of Children With Throat Infection Be?

If the virus is thought to be caused by throat infection, the child is not given antibiotics; because the immune system can cope with the infection. However, microbial (beta) streptococci that cause throat infection are; the patient must use antibiotics for 10 days. Children with tonsillitis need plenty of fluids and rest. Since the patient may have sore throat during the meal, soft foods such as soup and mash should be given. Paracetamol and ibuprofen are given as pain relievers for sore throat. Aspirin given during viral infections should not be given aspirin or aspirin-containing painkillers, as it can lead to a severe condition called Reye's syndrome.


Throat infections are contagious. The patient is infected from one child to another by mouth nasal discharge. Children should be kept away from people with sore throat infection or sore throat. Handwashing habits are very important for preventing infections from spreading throughout the family. If there is a child who is sick at home, he should wash his wallet with cracked, separated and warm soapy water. If your child is taking antibiotics for a throat infection caused by streptococci; the toothbrush should be thrown and a new brush should be taken.



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