Surgical Intervention In Throat Cancer

Contains several different options for the treatment of cancer the larynx. The first accepted method in the international arena there have been open surgical applications. Following an operation that is performed as well as radiation therapy and open surgery applications has become increasingly widespread. In the close process, laser, radio frequency diathermy/cauterization, where tools are used, such as microscopic, endoscopic and robotic surgical applications started methodically closed.

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Lareks/open throat surgery; limited, without interference from kordektomi called gathered under the title of a comprehensive intervention includes a wide variety of techniques. The concept of a laryngectomy, throat tissue partially or completely defines the entirety of the initiatives to be taken. The throat is partially to be taken so partial partial laryngectomy complete removal total laryngectomy so complete is called. Partial larenjektomi; also called biotherapy, suprakrikoid laryngectomy, vertical laryngectomy, hemilarenjektomi, frontolateral laryngectomy different techniques such as covers. These techniques usually temporary tracheostomy is applied. To be used as a tracheostomy airway, Thrace, called it a temporary or permanent opening and the trachea is connected to the skin of the neck hole. Commonly applied between surgeries of laryngeal features include:


Kordektomi, a very limited form of surgery of the larynx. Kordektomi open, except for the exceptions to the lymph nodes of the neck, a small incision in the middle line of the neck to intervene in length. From the middle line of the thyroid cartilage and the vocal cords or wires that opens like the cover of the book is subtracted from the width needed.


Vertical laryngectomy, throat is a technique where one side of partly removed. In this technique, the thyroid cartilage and in the middle of the vertical incisions on the side of the lesion behind a bit by making a portion of the thyroid cartilage on that side is removed. Following ten komissur called, starting from the junction of the vocal cords, vocal cord tumor, inner fractions, tape and limited subglottic tissue.



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