Symptoms Of Epiglottis Inflammation In Children

Epiglottit, located in the region of the larynx, epiglottis or “epiglottis” along with the swelling of cartilaginous structure called the inlet air to the lungs is blocked, is one of the situations of life that carries the danger.


What Is Symptoms Of Epiglottis Inflammation In Children?

In children the following symptoms may develop within a few hours epiglottit:

  • Abnormal-pitched respiratory

  • Difficulty swallowing, painful swallowing

  • Alarming, restless behavior

  • Sitting or leaning forward significantly relaxation.

  • Sore throat and dysphagia; pain in the throat, that affects the ability to swallow can be serious. In the worst cases, the patient will swallow saliva because his mouth watered.


  • Usually the fever quickly

  • The course of the disease with severe dyspnea, stridor, rapid disease progression, drooling, speech disorder, H. influenzae bacteremia, leukocytosis, sick of trying to conform to the typical posture (see above), and with underlying diseases such as diabetes is estimated.

A common cause of swelling and inflammation of the surrounding tissues epiglotti of you, “Haemophilus influenza type B ( Hib )” bacterial infection. Hib bacteria is responsible for a number of serious conditions. These meningitis.

The arrival of physical injuries such as a direct blow to the throat, and the epiglottis may be caused by the hot beverage to be consumed. Also;

  • Grabs him by the throat, a swallowing of the chemical contents

  • Swallowed a foreign object

  • The smoke of other factors such as drugs such as cocaine, can lead to symptoms of epiglottitis.


What Are The Risk Factors?

Epiglottit factors that increase the risk of developing include:

  • Having a weak immune system: a weakened immune system due to disease or certain medications, leads to the spread of bacterial infection that causes epiglotit.

  • To be a man: Epiglottit affects more men than women.

  • Lack of vaccine: vaccines or not, the child of the body of late they are making the required “Hib” to remain defenseless against bacteria causes.



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