Symptoms Of Sore Throat in Pregnancy

The pregnancy period is a miraculous and exciting process that a woman can live in. In this period, the mother should be resistant and careful to many diseases. During pregnancy, the immune system becomes more vulnerable than other periods and, consequently, the risk of getting some diseases is higher. The possibility of getting upper respiratory diseases such as sore throat, flu, colds and flu is more prevalent during pregnancy. To control the sore throat during this period, it is necessary to treat the problem at the initial stage. Natural and herbal products can be used for sore throat since pregnancy is not a suitable period for drug use.


If sore throat is caused by flu, flu or cold, there is no specific drug treatment since it is a source of virus. Antibiotherapy treatments do not have any effect on pain-causing viruses in the throat. Antibiotic therapy is used for problems caused by bacteria. Unnecessary antibiotics can lead to more serious problems such as not correcting the disease. Vitamin supplements, fluid consumption and plenty of rest are recommended especially during pregnancy to control these problems. For a simple pain reliever and antibiotic that can be used, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor. In this period, antibiotic treatment can be applied under the advice and supervision of a doctor if any bacterial infection such as sinusitis or pneumonia is mentioned.

Herbal recommendation that can be applied to the throat pain during pregnancy:

If a sore throat is not too severe, a cup of non-hot tea may be good for pain. Tea can be drunk with some honey and lemon flavored. In this way, the pain will rise more quickly. Candidate mothers who do not want to drink tea to survive the sleeping problem may drink by adding a few drops of lemon and 1 teaspoon honey into warm water. Just like tea, it is good against mild sore throats.



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