Symptoms Of The Throat Cancer

Throat cancer is common among smokers, though it is not among the most 10 frequently seen types of cancer in general. Some chemical components found in the cigarette prepare the ground for tumor formation by changing the structure of the laryngeal cells.


the risk of getting cervical cancer due to smoking is reduced by 60-70% ten to the fifteen years after quitting smoking. Throat cancer is most commonly seen in the 55-64 age group (30%).


Development of Throat Cancer

Like in other types of cancer, larynx cancer also occurs when older cells are not killed and accumulate during the replacement of old cells with new ones. These cells, which the body no longer needs, form tumors. These tumors can be benign (benign) or cancerous. Benign tumors (polyps or nodules) are usually not life-threatening, they do not recur when they are treated, and they do not spread to the surrounding tissues and other parts of the body. However, cancerous tumors may recur after treatment, they tend to invade the surrounding tissues and organs and spread to other parts of the body. There is no clear answer from experts about why some people have laryngeal cancer and others do not. A known fact is that the vast majority of laryngeal cancer cases are associated with heavy smokers. Experts also underline that regular consumption of alcohol, though not as much as cigarettes, is another factor that significantly increases the risk of laryngeal cancer.



Throat cancer usually occurs in regions close to the vocal tract. For this reason, the first indication of cancer is related to the change of voice. For example, your voice may become hoarse. Other symptoms of the throat cancer include; ingestion difficulty and pain in swallowing, swelling in the throat area, persistent coughing, sore throat, foul breath, ear pain, shortness of breath, wheezing when breathing, unidentified weight loss, and excessive fatigue. You should see a doctor for hoarse voice that persists for a period of 2-3 weeks. If the cancer is not in a region close to the vocal tract, then the first symptom may be sore throat and swelling in the larynx.



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