Does Viral Pharyngitis Cause Death?

Pharyngitis is a fairly common disease of the mucous membrane and lymphoid tissue of the respiratory tract. The reasons for the occurrence may be different: bacteria, respiratory tract trauma, fungal infections, or complications of colds.

However, according to statistics, more than 65 percent of cases of the disease in patients are diagnosed with viral pharyngitis. Most often this occurs in the period of epidemics of colds. It is important to note that children suffer this disease much harder than adults. If treatment is not started on time or is done incorrectly, the risk of serious complications is great. Usually, in this case, the viral pharyngitis becomes chronic and it becomes almost impossible to get rid of it.

The viral type of pharyngitis is caused by a fairly large group of viruses. The main microorganisms causing this form of the disease are adenoviruses, rhinoviruses, influenza viruses, coronaviruses, and others. Among them there are both common and very rare forms. There is an infection through the respiratory tract, which is why the main symptoms of the disease are localized in the nasopharynx. After visual inspection and examination results, the doctor can reveal the nature of the pathogen and begin viral pharyngitis treatment.

Treatment Rules

Acute pharyngitis treatment should be comprehensive and have a strict regime. At the slightest easing of therapy or skipping receiving the medication, it is necessary to start all over again. If the symptoms of the disease are too strong (for example, the temperature does not allow you to go to the hospital), do not try to do something on your own or wait for improvements. It is urgent to call an ambulance. This is especially necessary if the throat disease has occurred in children. Before the arrival of a doctor it is necessary to provide the patient with bed rest and maximally protect healthy people from an infected person in order to avoid the spread of the disease.