How Long Does Pharyngitis Surgery Last?

According to statistics of the World Health Organization, pharyngitis is the most common disease of ENT organs in the world. While the cause of the disease are not only internal factors, but also external. So, for example, smoking can lead to chronic pharyngitis. Among other causes of the disease are unfavorable environmental factors, carbonated or acidic drinks, irritating the throat, and even inhaling frost air.

Doctors note that pharyngitis is dangerous because the symptoms of the disease often have a resemblance to angina or are masked for colds. Thus, there is no timely diagnosis and treatment of the disease, which sometimes leads to acute pharyngitis and complication of the course of the disease.

The standard method of diagnosing pharyngitis is a throat examination. It allows the doctor to carefully examine the mucous membrane of the throat. It should be noted that hospitalization of the patient is required only in special cases – with acute pharyngitis, and also when the sore throat is caused by a dangerous disease – measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria.

Pharyngitis Surgery?

Pharyngitis surgery is resorted to when pharmacotherapy is unsuccessful. First of all, sanitation of carious teeth is carried out, nasal breathing is restored, for which operations are performed to eliminate curvature of the nasal septum, treat sinusitis, remove polyps, adenoids.

As practice shows, the operational method is the most effective. With its use, the affected areas of tissue are removed, thereby reducing the risk of disease return. Operative intervention is also aimed at eliminating the deformation of the voice, which often occurs in acute disease.

The goal of surgical interventions for pharyngitis is to eliminate pathological symptoms (hoarseness), decrease the number of relapses and prevent the malignant degeneration of the affected tissues. Operations usually do not take much time, are conducted after the necessary examination under local anesthesia or general anesthesia.