The Most Important Enemies Of Viral Pharyngitis Disease

Pharyngitis is an inflammatory disease of the pharynx. This disease affects people of any age. The viral origin of pharyngitis is determined in most cases (about 70%). Most often viral pharyngitis disease affects the body in spring and autumn, in seasons characterized by exacerbation of viral epidemics. Viruses that cause pharyngitis, getting into the body, survive the incubation period. The disease manifests itself with a decrease in immunity caused by a lack of vitamins, stressful situations, or concomitant diseases.

In fact, the infection with viral pharyngitis occurs by the entry of pathogenic viral organisms into the mucous membrane of the pharynx. There are several ways of spreading the virus disease, the main one is air-drip way (through the air during conversations, coughing, sneezing), through kisses, the use of common household items – mostly dishes. The risk of infection with the virus increases with constant presence in places of congestion of people, with close contact with patients at work, in public institutions.

Viral pharyngitis treatment is determined by a doctor by an otolaryngologist. He usually prescribes antiviral drug therapy. However, there are several enemies of viral pharyngitis. These enemies help fight the disease and reduce the risk of the disease. Try not to breathe in the frost.

Stay in dusty, gassy places and rooms as little as possible. Moisten the air in the house. Currently, there are many effective ways to do this. Give up harmful habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol (especially strong spirits). Timely treat a runny nose, dental caries, diseases of the genitourinary system. Any focus of infection in the body opens the way for pharyngitis. Strengthen immunity, enter the maximum amount of vegetables and fruits in the diet, take vitamin complexes (according to the doctor’s prescription). Temper the body – walk in the fresh air, go in for sports, swim.