The Importance Of Fruit And Vegetable Consumption In Viral Pharyngitis Disease

Oropharynx inflammation is convenient explaining of pharyngitis. It occurs in throat and if wrong diagnosis and treatment applied, it would end up worse situations such bronchitis, also known as one of the contagious diseases. Sore throat, fever, difficulties in swallowing and redness area in throat are the symptoms that seen in patients. Since pharyngitis caused by 95% of the viruses, antibiotics are inadequate. Because of that, nutrition treatment in pharyngitis is another well-known approach besides medical treatment. Consuming fruit and vegetables help patients to fight better with the viral pharyngitis.

What Kind Of Vegetables Should Be Consumed?

Adequate vegetable consumption helps better protecting for human body against diseases, provides shorter healing time and better digestion system.

Here are some vegetables, which can be consumed through pharyngitis disease:


Garlic is known as one of the healthiest vegetable and a natural antibiotic. Some of the researches show that daily garlic consumption, both cooked and raw, provides better fighting with diseases. It also helps protecting against pulmonary diseases.


Onion is another vegetable that provides natural treatment for pharyngitis. Same reasons with garlic consumption can be said for onion, too.


Bağlantı It is very well known source for iron and antioxidant. Since the antioxidants provide healthier body, spinach is another vegetable that must consume regularly.

Does Fruit Consumption Change The Progress Of Healing?

Fruit consumption provides better human health at every age. For baby ages, it means healthier development stages, for elder people, it means better living conditions with both stronger mental and physical body. According to this information, which fruits should be consumed? Some of them are listed below;


Consuming lemon provides great benefits for human health. Both adding it to the food and eating as a fruit helps fighting against diseases especially the pharyngitis because of the vitamin C. On the other hand consuming too much lemon causes more stomach acid so people should avoid over consumption.


Since the folic acid and vitamin C that orange contains, is a well known source for treating constant hacks.


It is effective in reducing the risk of inflammation and improves rapid healing.


Consuming enough daily portion of apple reduces the risk of cold and good for coughs.