Consumption of Acidic Foods In Pharyngitis

It is very important for pharyngitis to choose such a list of products to minimize the likelihood of injury to inflamed throat tissue. In eliminating the disease, a sparing diet is given an important role. Food and drink should not irritate the sore throat, but the body should receive the necessary vitamins and microelements.

Therefore, acidic foods and pharyngitis are not compatible, however, the same applies to spicy food. The food should be soft and thermally processed. It is strictly forbidden to eat dry foods: toast, fried potatoes, etc. In addition to food during the period when pharyngitis is treated, it is also important to monitor the amount of fluid used. On average, the daily rate of drinking should be about 2-3 liters of liquid. It is recommended to replace the usual water with warm milk (hot can aggravate the inflammatory process and increase the symptoms of pharyngitis), tea or a cool (not cold) decoction of herbal drink.

It is very important to ensure that aggressive substances, such as salt or vinegar, do not enter the inflamed area of the throat. The danger is also presented by drinks and products containing preservatives – it is shop juices, home preservation, sweet carbonated drinks, and acidic food consumption. It is very important to comply with the temperature regime of products, room temperature for vegetables and fruits is optimal.

Even if you really want to indulge yourself with delicious or make an indulgence, there is a list of products that are should be discarded. Among them: pickles and smoked products; fried food; spicy seasonings; excessively dry food (crackers, croutons, chips, biscuits); too cold and too hot food; acidic foods, which has an irritant effect on the mucous throat. A reasonable approach in diet can significantly help in the treatment of pharyngitis and accelerate the process of recovery.