Herbal Teas That Are Good For Chronic Pharyngitis

Are you one of those who see medical intervention as a last resort in the treatment of diseases? Some of us know that medical interventions are an inevitable pathway when necessary, but they can be as damaging as benefits. At this point, the herbal treatments, especially the herbal teas, succour us.

If we look at herbal teas which are good for the treatment of chronic pharyngitis, Sage is the most efficacious recommended for throat diseases. After boiling three tablespoons of sage for 10 minutes, consuming it in a lukewarm manner will soften the throat. Antioxidant effect of sage will help to clear the inflammation (sage cannot have consumed during pregnancy).

Another tea that can be tried is to add a tea spoon black pepper honey and cinnamon to the brewed linden tea. Black pepper is very effective for throat treatment even though it is bitter taste. If we will look at the natural treatment for chronic pharyngitis, gargling with iodine and vinegar water will speed up the clearing of microbes in the throat. Onion water shows natural antibiotic effect for tonsillitis.

3 desserts spoon a day should be drunk. When thyme oil is purely consumed, the taste may be bitter. But You can use to gargle or massage from the bottom of the jaw to neck region with thyme oil. Consuming tea at least two or three times a day is important for fast results. Garages should be made especially before going to bed because that bacteria formation in the mouth can reduced the most at night.

Positive Effects Of Sage On Pharyngitis

Natural treatment of pharyngitis using medicines based on sage for the throat is due to the healing properties of this plant, which have been successfully used for several millennia. In sage high content of salvinum.

This antibiotic, as well as essential oils found in its cells, endowed the plant with anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antiseptic, and disinfectant qualities, so sage is successfully used to heal many pathologies that affect the throat and mouth. As a powerful phytoncide, sage is also used to prevent diseases.

If you have pharyngitis, pharyngitis treatment with sage will give amazing results. In the aromatic leaves of this plant many valuable substances are hidden. These are, above all, essential oils (camphor, etc.), flavonoids, tannins, organic acids, a large number of vitamins B1, PP and C. The set of these substances makes sage the strongest antiseptic drug. It is also an astringent and anti-inflammatory agent with which you can quickly treat many problems with ENT organs. The properties of sage have long attracted the attention of pharmaceutical companies. So, the oil and plant extract are included in the resorption tablets, which are prescribed to patients with pharyngitis.

The combination of sage and pharyngitis has a number of contraindications; therefore, it is necessary to include it in therapy in consultation with the attending physician. Side effects of the natural drug does not cause, only in rare cases, it becomes the cause of allergic reactions. But women during pregnancy should use it with extreme caution, after consulting with a doctor. In any case, the internal reception of sage or preparations from it to pregnant women is absolutely contraindicated, since the plant contains substances capable of causing a contraction of the uterus, provoke a miscarriage. In addition, sage contributes to increased blood pressure in pregnant women and development of hormonal imbalance.