3 Important Causes of Pharyngitis

Today most of the people forced to take some of the work days off by pharyngitis. Pharyngitis is an important, life quality decreasing disease. So, what causes pharyngitis? In order to explain that, first we need to look at what pharyngitis is? Pharyngitis is the inflammation of pharynx, back of the throat. Because of that pharyngitis is also known as sore throat. Just like other inflammatory diseases, pharyngitis is caused by bacterial or viral agents and cold air. Here is the detailed explanation of 3 important causes of pharyngitis.

  1. Bacterial Agents

One of the 3 important causes of pharyngitis is bacteria. Bacteria are simple single celled organisms. They are everywhere we see and touch including our own body. Most of the bacterial species are useful or harmless for us. However, some of them are dangerous pathogens. Streptococcus Pneumoniae is the bacterial specie that cause pharyngitis. This specie of bacteria is spreading via air that we inhale. So, it is best to avoid sneezing or coughing people around as since they might be spreading infectious Streptococcus Pneumoniae bacteria.

  1. Viral Agents

Viruses are simple particles which composed of little genetic material and protein coat. They are programmed to copy them self however they do not have mechanism to copy their selves. Because of that, they need to other cells, like our ones, to do that. So, viruses infect those cells with their genetic material and cause those cells to make copy viruses until infected cell burst. While this process happens in our back throat we suffer from pharyngitis. Hence, viruses are one of the 3 important causes of pharyngitis. Some of the most known viral species that cause pharyngitis are measles, adenovirus and chickenpox.

  1. Cold Air

Actually, cold air is not a direct cause for pharyngitis. Cold seasons are the ones which people mostly get sick. Especially our organs which contact with air directly are greatly affected by cold air. This because of cold harming our tissues. And those harmed tissues become a target for the viral and bacterial agents which we previously talked about. So, we can count the cold air as one of the 3 important causes of pharyngitis.