What Is Causes Of Mono Disease?

What Is Causes Of Mono Disease?

The virus that causes mono through saliva, infected, disease, or monoing, or cough or sneeze when you are exposed to, you can get. Disease with someone who has Mono, forks, knives, such as due to transmission of disease and drink from the same cup or share utensils. But for mono, other infections such as flu as it is not contagious.


What Is Causes Of Mono Disease?

Mono disease, mouth and throat outbreaks of viruses monoing pass, as well as blood and some blood products can also be transmitted by transplant. Contagion may also be rare with coughing and sneezing and some salty infected cups, cutlery, spoons, and the like. The incubation period of the disease is 30-50 for adults and 10-14 days for children. Mono disease occurs especially in children and young people. The severity of the disease and the severity of the symptoms depends on the age of the patient. The smaller the patient, the more likely it is that the patient will be silent without giving symptoms, and the more severe the symptoms develop, the older the disease progresses.


How Is It Diagnosed?

Diagnosis is easy in patients with typical signs and symptoms. Kanda leukocytes have increased and most of them are some kind of special lymphocytes. For definite diagnosis, antibodies against live virus should be measured.