Chronic Pharyngitis Indications

What Is Chronic Pharyngitis?

If you have complaints such as dryness in the throat, tingling, burning, stabbing, difficulty in swallowing, this is the cause of chronic pharyngitis. Complaints such as fever, fatigue and malaise cannot be seen as clear in chronic pharyngitis. The complaints about the throat are not much but this does not disappear at all and often happens.

How Is Chronic Pharyngitis Treatment?

Diagnosis must be made before treatment begins. This includes a detailed examination of the Ear, Nose and Throat, and possibly some laboratory, endoscopic and x-ray tests. Bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics, but they provide temporary relief.

Allergy can be controlled by removing the cause. Antihistamines and decongestants, cromolyn and steroid nasal sprays, other forms of steroids and hyposensitization (vaccine) can be used for treatment. However, some antihistamines cause dryness and thicken the secretion. Decongestants lead to increased blood pressure, exacerbation of heart and thyroid disorders. Steroid sprays are generally safe for years under medical control. However, strict control and observation should be performed in the long term use of oral steroids taken orally and without side effects in the short term.

Antacids or medicines that stop acid production in stomach, which is very effective in this disease, should be given at the doctor’s control. There are certain diagnostic methods such as pH measurement. Structural disorders require surgical intervention. Septum deviation prevents normal sinus discharge and causes chronic sinusitis.

In some cases, there is no specific reason. If there is no disease that can be treated, the secretion will be diluted so that the treatment will be easier. This is especially true for older people who have insufficient fluid intake. These patients should drink at least eight glasses of water a day, leave the caffeine, and if appropriate, not use diuretics.

4 Points You Need To Know About Chronic Pharyngitis

Pharyngitis, inflammation of the nose and the back of the oral cavity. Pharyngitis is usually more common in children aged four to seven. There are two different pharyngitis types. Chronic pharyngitis is one of the pharyngitis types. Chronic pharyngitis is usually a long-lasting pharyngitis type but Acute pharyngitis is more painful than chronic pharyngitis. Let’s 4 points you need to know about chronic pharyngitis.

1) What İs Chronic Pharyngitis?

Chronic pharyngitis, a type of pharyngitis, is a long-standing disease. Complaints such as chronic pharyngitis, fever, fatigue and resentment are not apparent. Complaints about sore throat are more painful, but this does not disappear at all or complains frequently.

2) What Are Chronic Pharyngitis Symptoms?

Chronic pharyngitis There are complaints in the throat such as dryness, stiffness, burning, dryness, foreign body sensation, difficulty swallowing. Because chronic pharyngitis is prolonged, these symptoms do not pass or take time to pass.

3) What İs Chronic Pharyngitis Treatment?

Diagnosis must be made before treatment begins. This is a detailed otorhinolaryngology examination, and some possible labs include endoscopic and x-ray studies. Patients should drink at least eight glasses of water a day, leave caffeine, cigarette and alchol. Bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics, but they provide temporary relief. There is a need for surgical intervention to open the mouth of the chronic sinusitis closed sinuses. But ıf the patient chooses natural treatment of pharyngitis, he should drink warm herbal teas. Because herbal teas are recommended for chronic pharyngitis natural treatment.

4) What Are The Causes Of Chronic Pharyngitis?

Chronic pharyngitis may be caused by

  • Continuous recurrent acute pharyngitis
  • Smoking cessation
  • High alcohol consumption
  • Sinus infections
  • A disease that does not heal.

Patients with these chronic pharyngitis conditions should not choose chronic pharyngitis home remedies and should consult a doctor.

Pharyngitis and Immune System Relation

Immune System

Immune system is a mechanism which every living creature has. It helps us to protect from diseases and other defects, detect and sprit of pathogen and tumor cells and lastly it protects us from foreign matters and harmful substances. As it can be understood from its’ definition it is a very complex system which have to be tough to defend our body in its high potential. Beside defending our body this system is also able to memorize the previous disease of course if you had one before and as your immune system has already had encounter with it, it becomes more prepare and stubborn. Immune system starts to work down from your birth.

In our era scientist had the chance to discover and understand the immune system better so that they found several cures for several diseases. This system is composed of cells, tissues and organs that collaborate with each other in a perfect way. The organs that forms the immune system are tonsils, lymph, lymph nodes, adenoids, thymus, liver, spleen, peyer’s patches and bone marrow. There are two types of immune system one is natural immune system while the other one is acquired immune system. The natural one pass down genetically from generation to generation while the other one is gained when the body produce anticor against microorganism.

Chronic Pharyngitis and Immune System

If you have a weak immune system it is highly possible for you to encounter with several diseases and of course chronic pharyngitis which is one of them. It is really hard to come over the chronic pharyngitis. Usually when you go to the doctor the first thing that he does is to give you antibiotics and find the other reasons behind your disease. In a nut shell we can say that every type of pharyngitis is related to your immune system.

Chronic Pharyngitis Causes

Usually pharyngitis doesn’t matter the types is caused by germs and virus. In chronic pharyngitis the causes can be these as well; use of alcohol and cigarette, post nasal drainage and dry air. These are some of the factors that irritates the throat and causes the disease.

Herbal Teas That Are Good For Chronic Pharyngitis

Are you one of those who see medical intervention as a last resort in the treatment of diseases? Some of us know that medical interventions are an inevitable pathway when necessary, but they can be as damaging as benefits. At this point, the herbal treatments, especially the herbal teas, succour us.

If we look at herbal teas which are good for the treatment of chronic pharyngitis, Sage is the most efficacious recommended for throat diseases. After boiling three tablespoons of sage for 10 minutes, consuming it in a lukewarm manner will soften the throat. Antioxidant effect of sage will help to clear the inflammation (sage cannot have consumed during pregnancy).

Another tea that can be tried is to add a tea spoon black pepper honey and cinnamon to the brewed linden tea. Black pepper is very effective for throat treatment even though it is bitter taste. If we will look at the natural treatment for chronic pharyngitis, gargling with iodine and vinegar water will speed up the clearing of microbes in the throat. Onion water shows natural antibiotic effect for tonsillitis.

3 desserts spoon a day should be drunk. When thyme oil is purely consumed, the taste may be bitter. But You can use to gargle or massage from the bottom of the jaw to neck region with thyme oil. Consuming tea at least two or three times a day is important for fast results. Garages should be made especially before going to bed because that bacteria formation in the mouth can reduced the most at night.