Chronic Pharyngitis And Treatment Ways Of It

Mostly people struggle with the pharyngitis especially in winter and they try to find good treatment ways or things because they want to speed up the healing process. Today we are going to give clues about the healing process of the chronic pharyngitis to you and we hope these clues will help to you.

What is The Chronic Pharyngitis?


Pharyngitis is about maturation in the pharynx and course of illness it is termed acute pharyngitis or chronic pharyngitis and chronic pharyngitis splits in three. These are

-Simple Chronic Pharyngitis

-Chronic Hypertrophic Pharyngitis

-Chronic Atrophic Pharyngitis

The process of the chronic pharyngitis treatment change according these three degree of illness.

Main features of the simple chronic pharyngitis are redness and dryness in throat, persistent cough and swallowing frequently. Patient always try to stop the burning sensation in his throat therefore he always swallow his saliva. Illness could be take 2-6 month or more chronic. In chronic hypertrophic pharyngitis some changes are visible, for example patients’ throat is more red or dark purple or wee see severe and prolonged cough, vomiting and also changes in his voice. This degree of the chronic pharyngitis have tendency to more chronic frequently. Last one is chronic atrophic pharyngitis and this degree of the illness is the last degree, in chronic atrophic pharyngitis we do not see more redness or dark purple areas these are less than the other ones but patients’ voices more obtuse and husky.

Treatment Ways And Advices

BağlantıChronic pharyngitis treatment usually easy to practice at your home so you can easily make them. Herbal teas, salty water, not too cold but also not too liquid food will help you also you should escape drinking alcohol and smoking cigarette and it is really important for you. Doctors usually prefer antibiotics for pharyngitis treatment.

Pharyngitis in Children

In children, pharyngitis is known as disease that occurs as a result of inflammation in the pharynx. In children, beta streptococcal pharyngitis is quite common especially for the children aged between 2 and 12 years and it is seen usually in winter season. The reason that the disease is not very common among babies is the lack of receptors in babies that can cause beta-microbes. However, it does not mean babies will never have the disease and so pharyngitis in babies can be seen.

Beta pharmacology, responsible for 10 percent of sore throats, is infectious and spreads rapidly when it is seen amongst students. If the disease is not detected quickly and the precautive methods are not applied, the children can have chronic pharyngitis.

Pharyngitis Symptoms in Children

Usually the symptoms are seen as fatigue, sore throat and high fever. Vomiting and abdominal pain may also be seen. In some cases, vomiting and abdominal pain can be indicated when there is no sore throat. Headache is also a common symptom for pharyngitis in children. A child with beta-pharyngitis generally has redness and swelling in his throat and tonsils.

Pharyngitis Treatment in Children

The most important treatment method of the pharyngitis treatment in children is the penicillin group antibiotics. However, children with penicillin allergy should use antibiotics from other groups. Early treatment not only decreases symptoms but it also prevent the disease turn into chronical. Some of the resistance is also reduced to children with lower abdominal discomfort, so early illness is prevented. If someone around is diagnosed with beta streptococcal pharyngitis, parents should be very careful.

Most Common Causes Of Chronic Pharyngitis

Chronic pharyngitis has milder symptoms and lasts longer in comparison with acute pharyngitis, and the complaints are usually solely about the throat. Yet, still there is more than one cause of chronic pharyngitis. Here are some of the most common ones:

Frequent Infection Of The Tonsils

This is probably the most significant cause of chronic pharyngitis, which occurs more often when frequently exposed to cold weather and flus.

Throat Irritating Factors

These factors are almost as notorious as viruses. Some of them are smoking, alcohol, dry and dusty air, smoking, air pollution, post nasal drip and very hot or cold food and beverages.

Eosinophilic Esophagitis

One of the newer causes of chronic pharyngitis, which is still undergoing a great deal of research, is the inflammation in the esophagus (swallowing tube). It is considered an allergy-like inflammation, which is probably caused by food.

Laryngopharyngeal Reflux

It is basically the travelling of the acid made in the stomach up through the esophagus and to the throat. If this situation is not treated, one of the results is chronic pharyngitis (sore throat).


Although it may sound frightening, a sore throat with the symptoms of chronic pharyngitis, which lasts more than a couple of weeks can indicate a serious illness such as AIDS or throat cancer.

Nasal Obstruction

Nasal obstruction or congestion is a partial or complete blockage of the air passages, which start at the nostrils and end in the throat. No matter what the cause of this congestion (deviated nasal septum, nasal polyps, rhinitis, etc.), it may lead to the irritation of the pharynx.

Heavy Fever

Hay fever, which is an allergic disease caused by grass, weed or tree pollens and also known as allergic rhinitis, is also among the many causes of chronic pharyngitis.

Do You Have To Go To Hospital For Chronic Pharyngitis Treatment?

What Is Chronic Pharyngitis?

One of the simplest and most common definitions of chronic pharyngitis disease is the inflammation of the pharynx, which occurs in the far back of the nasal canal.

Do I Have Chronic Pharyngitis?

Even you alone can take a guess about whether you have chronic pharyngitis or not, based on your complaints, because the signs and symptoms of chronic pharyngitis are particularly about the throat. Some of these symptoms are;

  • Lingering discomfort or scratchiness in throat
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • The feel of a foreign object in throat
  • Dryness and burning in throat, and
  • A sore and irritating cough



Do I Have To Go To A Hospital?

If you are certain that you have nothing but chronic pharyngitis, you may rest at home and try herbal treatment including sage, thyme, licorice, marshmallow root, and chamomile tea.

Diagnosis And Treatment

However, remember that there may be other causes of your disease, so if you really want to make sure about your situation, you may always see an otorhinolaryngologist (ear, nose & throat doctor). Diagnosis of chronic pharyngitis is possible with a physical exam, but the doctor may need to examine your throat culture and blood in some cases.

Chronic pharyngitis treatment is a long lasting and painful process. In case the doctor detects another factor leading to chronic pharyngitis, they treat it first of all. Otherwise, the doctor usually prescribes medicine such as antibiotics (for frequent infection of the tonsils), painkillers, antihistamines, gargle, and nasal spray.

Moreover, they will ask you to follow a couple of simple rules to alleviate your symptoms, such as resting until you get well, avoiding very hot and very cold beverages or smoking and alcohol, drinking plenty of water, and staying away from dust and dirt.

Nutritional Theraphy in Chronic Pharyngitis

Pharyngitis is a common illness that may be observed in public frequently. To cure the illness, there are many methods to use. In this context, using correct nutritution formula is one of the most important methods. Chronic pharyngitis natural therapy is one of the most easily applicable solutions with respect to pharyngitis. In chronic pharyngitis natural treatment, foods and drinks to be consumed and the ones to be avoided are essential to cite.

In terms of chronic pharyngitis home treatment, the first method of treatment is to properly rest in bed. Since, difficult life conditions including large amount of comsumption of energy and loads of stress effect balance of the body negatively, this treatment would be fine to fix the balance of the body. This kind of treatment would be also fine to strengthen the immune system. For maintaining the balance of the body and strong immune system, positive physcological situation of the person concerned is one of the fundamental issues to take into consideration. A positive, constructive and cooperative way of thinking perspective is of outmost importance in this framework.

It is essential to take good amount of water to cope with pharyngitis. Since, salty water is a good option to soothe the throat, gargling with warm water is a good solution. Lemon and honey combination in warm water is another good natural treatment to focus on. Warm soup, especially chicken soup is useful for the throat irritation. Ginger, since eliminating antioxidant elements, is again a good product to fight pharyngitis. As a fruit, banana may be suggested in the curing process.

On the other hand, alcohol and smoking are not good for a person having pharyngitis problem. In the same parallel, citrus foods, dry/fried foods and spicy food are the ones to be avoided in the case of pharyngitis.